Monday, September 22, 2008



Parang pinagtiyap, serendipity o synchronicity, mayroong mga pangyayari na naganap ngayong buwan ng Setyembre, na sabi nga’y nagkatugma-tugma. Una sa lahat, ito ang wedding anniversary month ko.

September Song… September in the Rain… mga classic at all time favorites na awitin. September! I like the sound of it. Aside from the fact na siguro noon, ito ang time na ready na kaming tumugpa sa buhay may-asawa, physically, mentally, financially, parang romantic ang dating ng September. Kaya, sa buwan ngang ito kami napakasal. Sa awa ng Diyos, still going strong pa rin naman ang aming union.

Ngayong September, nagdaos ng kanilang ika-50 anibersaryo ng kasal ang isang malapit naming kamag-anakan. Limampung taon! May joke nga rito. Isang husband daw ang nagtatalumpati sa isang pagdiriwang ng kanilang anibersaryo. I’ve been married for forty long years… and I’ve been very happy (at nag-pause pa sandali ang pilyo, saka isinunod)… for the first ten years! Theirs (ang kamag-anak namin) is not a perfect union. They had their ups and downs, financially and emotionally. Ngayon, they could look back and admit and accept kung anuman ang kanilang pinagdaanan. And proudly, they announced to all of us who attended the celebration, that because they had each other during those trying times, they survived and could now claim theirs is a happy and lasting marriage. Keyword: they had each other.

Kamakailan, kapapasok ng buwan ng Setyembre, may nag-text sa akin. She’s been thinking of me daw, matagal na kaming hindi nagkikita o nagkakausap. She belongs to the generation of my daughter but somehow, she and I developed a kind of confidant/listener relationship. She confides, I listen. I put in my cent’s worth of opinion, she listens, though not necessarily agreeing to what I say. We discuss things, family and relationships and all that. There was a time that we burn the wire talking in the phone. She, just to unwind and I, just to listen. Somehow, she feels good afterwards. Then, later, she made her decision. Their decision. After much soul-searching and counselling. They went their separate way and household. But still, they arrived at a certain arrangement where a semblance of a family life is maintained for the sake of the children. It saddens me for they are both close to me. But up to now, this is still the situation. Naisip ko lang, here’s a text about this estranged couple and here’s an invitation to a 50th wedding anniversary celebration.

Pero hindi rito natatapos ang September affair. Before the end of the month, I will be attending another occasion. A wedding. The second time around. Don’t start singing “love is lovelier the second time around”, because it is not so. This young lady is marrying for the second time after she had her first marriage annulled. She did not stop after separating from her husband. She went on with her life, pursued a career, and somehow, somewhere, she met another guy. After sometime, she decided she is now ready to take again the plunge. I don’t know how true this is that the two met at the office of the annulment lawyer both were consulting, but I just hope and pray that whatever mistakes they did in their past relationships, they now should avoid to make a success of this one.

Young couples separating… remarrying… and one couple celebrating a milestone… how romantic can the month of September be!

My September!

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